For many business and property owners along the Northern Beaches of the Outer Banks, the Mid-Currituck Bridge has been a long time coming.  While the construction dates are pending, Currituck County is taking steps to make the bridge a reality.

On March 8, 2019, the Record of Decision (ROD) was received from the Federal Highway Administration for the Mid-Currituck Bridge (MCB).  The Record of Decision states the Mid-Currituck Bridge will do the following:

  • substantially improve traffic flow on the project area’s thoroughfares (US 158 and NC 12)
  • substantially reduce travel time for persons traveling between the Currituck mainland and the Currituck Outer Banks
  • substantially reduce evacuation times from the Outer Banks for residents and visitor

From the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce, please see this helpful infographic on the Mid-Currituck Bridge!