Communication and collaboration is vital to our success as a fractional ownership community.  The Home Representative Program is a critical component of the strategic plan for the future of Ships Watch Association.  In pursuit of that objective, the Board of Directors, in an initiative to improve communications with the homeowners, established the Home Representative Program to solicit the consolidated views of all the owners of each home regarding replacement and refurbishment of the homes.

Each home is to be represented by a Home Representative elected by the owners from the home.  The Home Representatives serve as the primary point of contact and facilitators of communications among the homeowners in their respective homes and the General Manager of the Association.  Owners have the opportunity to voice their opinions and priorities for the replacement, maintenance, refurbishment and upgrades of their homes through the Home Representatives.

March 9th is our annual Ships Watch Home Representative Meeting.  Home Representatives will meet with the Board and staff to discuss ideas and plans for the coming year.  March 10th is our home tour walk through where Home Representatives can view recent renovations.

We look forward to an exciting weekend of sharing ideas and making plans for the future!